writing my way out & back & in & through.

Welcome to the portfolio website of Alexandra Corinth (they/them).

Age 12 in Chattanooga, TN

My current creative projects contend with memory, grief, and social performance, as well as the intersections of queerness and disability. In my day job as a DEI practitioner, I pursue opportunities to reconsider and transform language as a tool for equity and belonging.


  • 001. precious moment

    I wonder if I had known then when I know now, if I might have asked you to slow down as we raced toward your parents’ house that night.

I am available and taking bookings for creative performances and DEI communication presentations in Winter 2022/23 & Spring 2023.

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A femme nonbinary person sits on a stool in a bookstore reading from a chapbook. The lighting is moody and it is dark outside the windows behind the reader.
Reading from my chaplet at The Wild Detectives in 2019