on fighting change, then embracing it

“Nothing is so painful to the human mind as a great and sudden change.”
— Mary Shelley, Frankenstein

yesterday, i sat down with myself and an svu marathon and wrote through some tricky thoughts — things i’ve needed to think through for some time now. things like my goals for not just this month or year, but my life. how i want to live, who i want to be.

my peers joke about having a quarter-life crisis. i’m certain i have, too. and while i wouldn’t say that’s what i’m going through right now, i certainly feel unsettled. unmoored. in need of an anchor or, at the very least, a steering wheel.

writing my way to this conclusion has revealed a few things to me that, now that i’ve uncovered them, seem so obvious. like the only decisions i could make.

i’ve posted to this blog for the better part of five years. admittedly, not always consistently, not always substantively — but no matter how good i was at the blogging thing, i have digitally lived here since fall 2011.

in that time, i have considered changing this blog into a more static author page several times. i’ve probably posted to that effect before, to be honest, and yet here i am, still ‘thinking about it.’

well, at least, i was. until today.

going forward, my ‘real time’ thoughts can be found here. i won’t get into the whys of it all, because i don’t know that any of it would make sense. i’m not even sure how it makes sense to me, but it does, and has for a long time.

this change has been coming for a long time. i just fought it for far too long.

this space will now be my, let’s say, more ‘professional’ site. i’ll share information about publications and performances (if/when those materialise), and let you know about major events involving my artistic endeavours. anything beyond that will appear here.

there will be a few announcements coming in the next few weeks, so please don’t feel like i am abandoning you. i appreciate everything this blog has given me.

i’ve just grown up, and can no longer live in neverland.

please don’t be a stranger. i’ll still be on twitter and instagram, and you can always email me at contact@alexandracorinth.com.

let’s bring back an old favourite to celebrate how far this blog (and we) have come.

all my love and cheesecake,
signature for banner


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