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  1. Hi Alexandria, I am responding to your two emails that were forwarded to me dated October 22, 2015 which appears to be a very extensive review of my book titled, “Maggie Goes On A Diet” which was published over four years ago. I am not sure why or what your purpose was for sending me copies of the 2015 review as well as responses by people who responded to the review. I will assume you had justifiable reasons for doing so.
    I would like to thank you and give you credit for including in your review that;
    “To conclude this not-so-brief review, I recognize Kramer does not intend in any way shape or form to cause harm with this text – in fact I believe he intended quite the opposite, to encourage younger children who are growing up in a generation with some the highest rates of obesity to be mindful of health and fitness. Unfortunately the implicit (and sometimes explicit) messages this book sends could potentially damage the readers more than help them. By calling it a “diet” and not a “lifestyle change” ”

    I am grateful to you for recognizing that my intent was in fact to encourage and motivate younger children to change their eating lifestyle so they would not suffer some of the consequences of the possibility of becoming obese. I do absolutely agree that calling it a “Diet” rather than a lifestyle change was a mistake. I also was made aware by persons who suffered with Anorexia and Bulimia that some of the original text in “Maggie Goes On A Diet” might be misconstrued and may not by taken in the positive context of which it was intended.
    For those reasons and some others,despite realizing that I would suffer a huge loss by not attempting to sell many thousands of copies of “Maggie Does On A Diet,” I decided to take the advice I received from “Good Morning America” as well as many other critics including yourself and improve some of the text and change its name to, “Maggie Eats Healthier.”
    “Maggie Eats Healthier ” was published in October of 2014. I would be happy to send you a free copy and would be happy for you to review, “Maggie Eats Healthier.” I would of course hope you can review it without any past bias. I would also suggest that perhaps that before you review it publicly, based upon your desire to review it, that you ask 2 or 3 middle school children what they think of the book without telling them the prior controvercy with “Maggie Goes On A Diet.” I think you would be surprised by their opinion of the book.
    If you would like to talk via Skype or set up an interview, I would make myself available.
    I look forward to your response.
    Paul M. Kramer


    1. Mr. Kramer —

      I did not send you this review again. Anytime someone new comments on it, since you did so previously, you will receive an email automatically generated by WordPress, not me.

      Thank you for sharing your update, and I wish you all the best. I am not, however, interested in reviewing the new version.



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